Among the numerous challenges that humanity has to address on the way towards sustainable development, the following three are probably the most imminent ones:

  • Rational use of Energy and Materials Resources
  • Climate Change and Carbon-Neutral society
  • Waste and Pollution

In the 3rd edition of the PhD Summit we aim to discuss how engineering can contribute to addressing some of those challenges:

  • Topic 1: Materials and circularity
    • Sustainable materials
    • Recycling processes and streams
    • Construction materials
    • Life-cycle aware product design
  • Topic 2: Energy systems and conversion devices
    • Optimal design and operations of energy systems
    • Energy storage technologies
    • Highly efficient renewable energy conversion devices and systems
    • Energy efficient mobility
    • Energy efficient industrial processes
  • Topic 3: Data-Enabled Sustainability
    • Sensors, transducers and intelligent systems
    • Sustainability metrics
    • Predictive methods
    • Life-cycle and value chain management
    • Power efficient data exchange

Eligibility conditions of applicants and selection criteria