Carine Rognon, Laboratory of Intelligent Systems
The FlyJacket – bidirectional interaction with drones
Flavio Raschellà, Translational Neural Engineering Laboratory
Brain-spine interface technologies to alleviate gait deficits after Parkinson’s disease
Prodromos Kolyvakis, ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing
Combining Ontology Alignment and Representation – Learning Towards Semantic Interoperability
Arman Iranfar, Embedded Systems Laboratory
Multi-objective system-level management of modern multicore servers and multiprocessor Systems-on-chip
Aleksandrs Leitis, BIOnanophotonic Systems laboratory
Infrared spectroscopy
Alexander Belushkin, BIOnanophotonic Systems laboratory
Point-of-care biosensor enabled by digital nanoplasmonic imaging
Mehmet Mutlu, Biorobotics laboratory
Roombots – self-reconfi
gurable modular robot
Apostolos Modas, Signal Processing Laboratory LTS4
SparseFool: a few pixels make a big difference
Suraj Srinivas, Idiap Research Institute
Understanding neural network functions through gradient-based representations
Ezequiel Gonzàles Debada, REACT Group – Interaction Systems
Motion planning for connected automated vehicles: a study on mixed traffic and roundabouts
Amedeo Esposito, Laboratory for Information in Networked Systems
Learning and Adaptive Data Analysis via Maximal Leakage
Stefania Ebli, Laboratory for Topology and Neuroscience
Simplicial Neural Networks
Orion Afsiadis, Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory
Enabling the Wireless Communication of Intelligent IoT Systems
Aleksei Triastcyn, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Generating Artifical Data for Private Deep Learning
Panayiotis Danassis, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Anytime Heuristic for Weighted Matching Through Altruism-Inspired Behavior